Turning authenticity, originality and creativity into a brand language for the community-driven photography platform, EyeEm.

My role: Design lead, brand strategy and Webflow developer

What is EyeEm?

EyeEm is a global photography community and marketplace for original, creative and authentic photography or videos.

EyeEm's mission is to empower their community by offering them a platform to get discovered, while giving brands access to the most powerful creative imagery worldwide.

EyeEm connects over 20 million creators with brands through their products – Stock photos, EyeEm Custom, EyeEm Market, EyeEm Magazine and EyeEm Vision – to share diverse perspectives across the globe.

"Photography is in our DNA. Authentic storytelling is what drives us."

My Role

I lead the rebranding efforts, turning business strategy, user research and market potential into a visual identity and brand strategy.

As part of the new brand launch, I created a web component library, as well as designing and developing all core landing-pages, including crucial campaign pages, all in Webflow.

Finally I developed a custom Campaign Builder tool, a completely configurable landing-page editor, enabling teams to create a publish landingpages using a form. I built this with Webflow CMS.

With this came the need for documentation and a formalised process, and so we created a web portal to host all design-related information.

EyeEm event site for Berlin Photo Week
Renewed focus on creators and sharing their stories

Not Your Cliché

During the rebrand we developed the content strategy for Not Your Cliché. By empowering our creators to tell real stories of real people, accompanied by their photography, we established EyeEm as the platform for creative, diverse, authentic and unique (stock) photography.

#NotYourCliche would be used on social media posts, leading to all magazine articles, events and competitions that fit within the theme.

Brand Video

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