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Content Strategy

EyeEm has gone through an internal change, switching from being a tech-focused photography sharing- and selling platform, to putting much heavier emphasis on storytelling, content production. They needed their brand to reflect this externally.

My Role

I lead the rebranding efforts, turning internal understanding into external narrative and a design system. I also helped define a communication strategy for 2018, which will not only support the new brand narrative, but work towards filling content gaps in the market.

Creative, not Stock

The Style

How do we translate EyeEm’s mission to put creators back in the centre of everything?

We wanted to create some clear guidelines for EyeEm's visual style.

What is their colour palette, what fonts do they use, what kind of imagery, and how do they communicate? How do we put creators back in the centre?

Creators' Stories Told and Shared by EyeEm
EyeEm Annual Photo Competition and Awards
EyeEm's Annual Photography Competition and Awards.
The EyeEm Magazine Covers Photography News, Insights and Tutorials
The EyeEm Magazine Covers Photography News, Insights and Tutorials

Not Your Cliché

As part of the rebrand, we developed the Not Your Cliché strategy, which works in two ways:  

Supports EyeEm’s brand narrative, and, fills content gaps towards a more inclusive and widely representative market.

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Next Project