All about design and strategy — with purpose and heart.

* I also have a huge obsession with plants and coffee 💜✌️

I have spent the last +8 years designing brands and products for start-ups, agencies and corporations. I've specialised in consumer branding for B2C products, and bringing it to life in the user experiences and content. My expertise areas are in design, branding, UX/UI, strategy, design systems, motion, and managing small +4 person design teams.

I am happiest working as an individual contributor on medium to large projects, where I'm either leading design, or collaborating closely with the design lead. Currently I manage a design systems team and look after branding, for an e-commerce.

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I wrote an article about freshly launched new visual identity for Zalando. Read article here.

I spoke at Figma In the File together with my colleague Julia Belling, about how to build successful design system, by focusing on collaboration and support.

I care about


Who will be interacting with your brand, product or content?


How do you stand out? What is your purpose? What’s your magic?


Keep your message clear and consistent, to build trust and loyalty.


Whether you're solving for the long term or the short term, think scalable solutions.


How do users interact with your product? Are they 💻 or 📱or 🚌 or 🚲 or 🏃 or 👯?


Where are you in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? What is your North Star?